Delhi World Public School, Zirakpur- A World within a World

March 9: Schools are mini worlds in their own right…practice grounds for development of mutual respect, multiple ways of learning, literacy and advocacy, the first world in which we gain knowledge of our fellow human beings and learn how to navigate and see the world for what it is! Our little world of Delhi World Public School, Zirakpur, a flagship school of Delhi World Foundation, New Delhi, came into existence in March 2016. Since then, DWPS has come a long way, carving a niche for itself. It is a CBSE affiliated school.

Aiming to create ‘global citizens’, with the concept of holistic development of its heart, the school has lived up to its goal of bringing out the star in each child. With the philosophy of “Learning by Doing”, at DWPS, Zirakpur, the emphasis is on application and integration of learning so that here we are forever ready to make valuable contributions to the community and the environment. We have been active participants in government initiatives like tree plantation, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ and ‘Poshan Maah’ to name a few. Our community service initiative CSR through which we reached out to provide assistance to the under priviledged, was a huge success.

Since its inception, DWPS, Zirakpur has made its presence felt through its various achievements. It has added many feathers in its cap in the form of awards and trophies.

Ø  The institution was awarded the Third Rank by Education World under its All India School Rankings 2019-20 for its commendable performance.

Ø  In 2020 we won the Runners-up Trophy in EXCELLENCIA, the Literary Fest organized by DWPS, Ajmer.

Ø  The year 2021 was another year of victories for us. We reached another milestone by winning the DWF Theatre Fest, MASQUERADES, trophy. The same year we bagged the 2nd Runners-up Trophy in the Literary Fest, Excellencia, organized by DWPS, Ajmer.

Ø  The year 2022 began on very panglossian notes as we were awarded the Leadership Team of the Year Award by Ekk Updesh. Quite a morale-booster!!

Ø  Apart from these distinctive honours, we have also won accolades in various Inter-School events across the country be it on the fields, in the labs, on the stage or in the classrooms. Our students have not failed to display their talents.


The school caters not only to the intellectual or academic needs but also to the physical and emotional needs and their creative instincts. We have –

Ø  State of the art Sports facilities that caters to indoor and outdoor sports such as Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton

Ø  Lush green fields for not just games and sports but also for reconnecting with nature in the school’s Life Lab.

Ø  Spacious play areas for the little ones with interactive and engaging activity areas.

Ø  A very modern digital library with a wide range of books on varied subjects, genres and topics.

Ø  An Art Lab, a Music Room and a Dance Lab where students can indulge in exploring their inherent creative talents.

Ø  Various clubs for Theatre, Mathematics, Science, Nature, etc. where each student is encouraged to engage, explore and inquire.

Ø  Training sessions and webinars are organized for teachers to keep them abreast of the latest technology in education and equip them with the necessary skills to deal with the challenges thereof.

Ø  Counseling sessions for students whereby they get to talk with experts who help them deal with issues related to the self, academics or even their future aims and aspirations.

Ø  A ‘Thematic Curriculum’ in the lower grades to make learning fun for these children. We also provide an experiential learning environment to our students so that they grow up into complete, confident and creative citizens.

Ø  The school continues to grow and in keeping with the need of the day has added a Mental Health and Wellness/ Meditation Room for the students.

Ø  With technology being at the forefront, the school has added an Atal Tinkering Lab as a playground for innovation in technology for the youth of today.

The school is adding a virtual gaming room, a planetarium, a climbing wall, a skating rink and a shooting range to provide an array of experiences to its students in times to come.

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