Mumbai, March 4: One of the biggest news anchors, film critics, writers and a wonderful poet, Faridoon Shahryar, pays an ode to his late father, Akhlaq Mohammad Khan, dearly known as Shahryar Sahab, by singing one of his last nazm ‘Kharaashon Ka Guldasta’ song out now A soul-stirring musicalContinue Reading

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 4: Sonal Singh, a rising star of Indian cinema, has been recognized for her impressive work in Bollywood, Tollywood, and commercials for top brands like Nivea, Reliance Jewel, Flamingo, and Bajaj Finance. Her debut film was “FLAT 211,” and she has since appeared in three musicContinue Reading

New Delhi (India), February 21: The first look of Ritika Singh’s InCar was released on 16th February 2023, and on 17th February 2023, the makers unveiled an extremely intriguing and highly thought-provoking trailer of the film. The storyline of the film holds a very gripping narrative and will leave you hookedContinue Reading

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 20: Directed by Bappa B Lahiri, the 9 songs are- Superstitious, Blinding Lights, Attention, Despacito, Eyes On Me, Perfect, Talking to the Moon, and Peaches. Rego B will release each song every month on his youtube channel & social media handles. Global sensation Rego B, theContinue Reading

Sheeba Chadha, Nayab khan, Henlena Prinzen Klague  starrer Hinglish film “Rabia And Olivia”  all set to release on Disney plus hotstar on 24th Feb 2023 Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 16: Sheeba Chadha, Nayab khan, and Henlena Prinzen Klague starter Hinglish film “Rabia And Olivia”  all set to release on Disney plusContinue Reading

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 16: Zee Studios and Makhija Films are thrilled to announce the selection of their latest production, Joram, for the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). Joram is the only Indian full-length feature film to be selected for the festival. The film follows the story of a father, played by Manoj Bajpai, whoContinue Reading